In the painting industry a ‘Specification’ is created by a manufacturer’s representative or qualified person which details the exact preparation and coating procedures and the products required to achieve a durable coating. Such a specification describes procedures that MUST be followed, with no deviation. PaintSmart incorporates a specification into its proposal with precise language describing prep procedures and products, ‘mil thickness’ and other crucial details. When planning to undertake a paint job it is best to create a Specification which details procedures and products and to provide the spec to each contractor. Unless this is done, one will not receive proposals that can be compared ‘apples to apples’. PaintSmart Commercial through our manufacturer’s rep can write specifications for each of your specific jobs.

The aspect of quality of workmanship is undeniably important and to this end PaintSmart jealously guards its reputation and always focuses on quality prep procedures and all the workmanlike techniques that ensure longevity of the paint job.