Frequently asked questions and helpful answers to help you better plan your commercial painting project.

Please call or email with your questions. We’re ready and happy to help.  Email: info@paintsmartdenver.com

What about warranties?2018-12-14T20:39:01-07:00

We offer written warranties for each specific project. The manufacturer will in most cases offer a warranty for its products when used according to the specification they provide and when supervised by their authorized representative.

What about insurance?2018-12-14T20:38:24-07:00

We carry full Liability Insurance, Auto and Worker’s Compensation insurance and will provide you with a COI (certificate of insurance) that names your company as ‘certificate holder’ and/or ‘additionally insured’.

Do you paint homes?2018-12-14T20:37:57-07:00

Our focus is of course in the commercial painting arena but we are sometimes asked to propose on high-end new construction painting projects and from time to time a homeowner’s interior or exterior—or both. Let us know what you have in mind and we will make every effort to help. 

What other services, apart from interior and exterior painting, do you provide?2018-12-14T20:37:31-07:00

All buildings have caulking systems which require repair and replacement. We offer caulking services for exterior buildings, interiors, as well as elastomeric caulking and waterproofing systems when water penetration is a problem. We also can help with painted floor systems, epoxy floor systems, as well as specialty and industrial grade coatings for specific needs such as in food processing plants. Let us know what your issue is and we will come up with a solution!

What paint manufacturer does PaintSmart prefer?2018-12-14T20:37:06-07:00

We prefer PPG products for a number of reasons. One is that the quality is consistently high and the range of available products is wide. We also prefer PPG products because we have found them to be easiest to work with, and this means easiest to apply, to touch-up when needed, that do not show ‘lap marks’, etc. Unless we are instructed otherwise we always specify PPG products. We also use Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and other paint products when these are specified by an owner or manager. 

What is the best type of paint to use? How do I assess competing manufacturer’s claims about quality?2018-12-14T20:36:37-07:00

The major paint manufacturers all manufacture good paint products. In special situations, where special products are required, one manufacturer may have a product that is known in the industry to be the best in that use. Through our supplier ProCoat Systems we have access to a wide and complete line of PPG paint products—a world leader in paint manufacture—as well as a wide range of specialty coatings: epoxies, urethanes and elastomerics manufactured by other companies. 

How can I be ensured of getting the best paint job possible? Especially on exteriors of buildings or in special situations?2018-12-14T20:35:37-07:00

In the painting industry a ‘Specification’ is created by a manufacturer’s representative or qualified person which details the exact preparation and coating procedures and the products required to achieve a durable coating. Such a specification describes procedures that MUST be followed, with no deviation. PaintSmart incorporates a specification into its proposal with precise language describing prep procedures and products, ‘mil thickness’ and other crucial details. When planning to undertake a paint job it is best to create a Specification which details procedures and products and to provide the spec to each contractor. Unless this is done, one will not receive proposals that can be compared ‘apples to apples’. PaintSmart Commercial through our manufacturer’s rep can write specifications for each of your specific jobs.

The aspect of quality of workmanship is undeniably important and to this end PaintSmart jealously guards its reputation and always focuses on quality prep procedures and all the workmanlike techniques that ensure longevity of the paint job.

Can you help with colors?2018-12-14T20:35:59-07:00

Yes we can. Color is of course very important and can work with you to achieve a modern color scheme that enlivens your building or interior. We are more than happy to spend time with you to help you arrive at the best color scheme for your project. Again, let us know how we can help.

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